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The Code To Talk is all about sharing personal Tech stories from inspirational speakers about the rewarding work environment and the many career opportunities within the IT/Tech industry.

Upcoming Code To Talk

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The Code to Change launched its first quarterly The Code to Talk event on 6 October at Amsterdam offices.

Our past speakers included:

•  Michael David Sayre: Palmarium Ventures – Managing Director and Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer Eryce AG.

• Ghida Ibrahim: Founder – Rafiqi, Data Scientist at Liberty Global, Global Shaper & Member of Global Future Councils – World Economic Forum and VP of Programs – Arab Women in Computing

• Marieke Maas – Technical Sales Representative at Dell

• Ruxandra Taleanu – IT Team Lead – Development at

The inspiring speaker session was followed up with a speed-dating sessions between the speakers and the audience of 10 min each . The audience was divided in 4 different groups and they could ask the speakers any question about their personal development, educational background and/or career advancement.

The panel discussions are followed by speed-dating sessions and topics include gender diversity, how different cultures deal with gender equality, and most importantly how every individual personally feels about these topics.

The attendees have so much fun with conversations that many are often annoyed that we had to end the evening soon!

We encourage everyone to bring family, friends and colleagues in their network to introduce them to the tech world. We saw many faces, and we’re delighted to see a couple; husband and wife, together. During the after drinks there was also the opportunity to network for future jobs or education at host companies like More partners for The Code To Talk to be announced soon!

Want to join the event, nominate a speaker or sponor? Let us know via and The Code to Talk team will get back to you!

We invite you to be part of the next C2T every quarter next year!

— The Code to Change Team