Digital Skills Bootcamp

The Code To Change is an innovative mentoring program to inspire and teach women important skills to succeed in the digital world and job market.

Watch highlights from the Code To Change bootcamp 2016 here!

We are proud to announce that applications for The Code to Change programme 2017 are now open. This year’s program come swith huge upgrades and improvements. The one-of-a-kind five month programme consists of a three-day kickoff event, followed  by a three-month mentoring phase for successful participants, and a work experience phase for the selected promising mentees.

According to the Council of European Professional Informatics Society, only 20% of the 2.7 million people working in the ICT sector in Europe are women. Multiple studies have shown that gender-balanced and more diverse teams perform better. Given the current disparities, urgent measures need to be taken to ensure economic empowerment of women and consequently, an inclusive, diversified and welcoming work environment.

The Code to Change programme aims to bridge the skills gap by making available effective education and mentoring through our dedicated community of IT professionals who are passionate about passing on their expertise.

You can either apply for the full programme or just the three day kickoff event which will be held on 1-3 November 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Last year 26 selected women graduated from our e-skills bootcamp. We are happy to share that many of The Code to Change mentees are now building apps, starting new projects or have started working in the technology sector! Take a look at some of our emerging leaders from the programme via this link or read our mentee Joyce’s story via this link!

The kickoff event begins with a two-day coding bootcamp, interspersed with lightning talks from a variety of speakers and concludes with a one-day conference.  This conference is open to everyone, whether or not you are accepted to the bootcamp. The conference features talks from seasoned IT professionals and leaders in the market about e-skills and opportunities in the digital world. We are featuring talks about skill building and career development to succeed in the technology sector.

The application form is ONLY for those who wish to apply for the entire Code to Change programme (e-skills bootcamp and mentoring). NO need to apply if you are only interested in the conference, which takes place on November 3rd.


We will share the link to the conference tickets soon!

For any questions, please write to info(at)codetochange(dot)org