Besides the Code to Change programme, we fulfill our mission of economic empowerment of women through:

Workshops and Events

We conduct workshops and speak at events to create awareness for our campaign and its mission, with the objective of recruiting volunteers, sponsors, and more potential partners. You can check out some of our talks by clicking on the links below;

Closing Keynote at the Ada Lovelace Festival in Berlin, Germany - October 2016.
Grace Hoper Celebration 2016
Digital Skills Training in Fragile Contexts


People, Partners and Purpose are the 3Ps of the Code to Change.

In order to fulfill the purpose of the Code to Change we are always looking to create long-lasting partnerships with people and organizations in the field of:

• Academia
• NGOs
• Corporates
• Entrepreneurs
• Governments
• Personal – Friends & Family
• Social Media

Ongoing Activities

• Publication of newsletters
• Outcome and reports sharing
• Feedback loop & retrospectives to incorporate lessons learned after each event
• Invitation for partners to be active participants in reducing the digital skills gap

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