What Does Our Mentoring Program Entail?

The mentoring program lasts for 5-months and is divided into three phases;

• Coding Boot Camp
• Online Mentoring
• Work Experience

Our devoted community of IT professionals is passionate when it comes to passing on their expertise, and helps us with bridging skills gap via effective education and mentoring.

Phase One - Coding Boot Camp

This is where the women who are looking to pursue a career in technology sector are provided with essential digital skills. It begins with a three-day digital skills boot camp and conference.
This in-person experience enables participants to gain hands-on experience of fundamental digital skills. For example, developing a web page, SEO, and other digital skills. The conference provides a number of technical and career development workshops. These workshops include;

• Leadership Skills
• Introduction to the IT Industry
• Digital Marketing
• Big Data
• And Much More!

The three days are divided into a variety of interactive workshops, keynote addresses and presentations, and lightning talks with experts of technology sector.

Phase Two – Online Mentoring

The second phase of mentoring is all about online mentorship. It is one of a kind program where participants are provided an opportunity to learn from experienced technology professionals who excel in their field. These professionals help the participants by guiding them about how to continue on the path of learning and give strategic advice that is beneficial when it comes to pursuing new directions in life.

Phase Three – Work Experience

Also referred to as 'apprenticeship phase,' this third phase of Code to Change program lasts for two months. During this phase, the successful participants get to work at one of our partner companies. This unique opportunity enables the participants to practice what they’ve learned in the last three months in the real world.
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