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What Does Our Mentoring Program Entail?

The mentoring program lasts for 5-months and is divided into three phases;

• Coding Boot Camp
• Online Mentoring
• Showcase Summit

Our devoted community of IT professionals is passionate when it comes to passing on their expertise, and helps us with bridging skills gap via effective education and mentoring.

Phase One - 2 Days of Coding Bootcamp

Our digital skills Bootcamp mentors will walk the participants through the basics and give them a hands-on introduction to digital skills.

Beginner Level

They will learn the basics of coding a website; basic concepts of HTML, CSS and exploring Javascript language using games and practical exercises.

Intermediate Level

This is for the code newbies who are ready to take their skills to the next level, they will learn how to use technology in a real project

Lighting talks

Hear stories of the leaders and the rising stars of the technology world!

More information about the bootcamp

Phase Two – Online Mentoring

There is a 3 months mentorship for selected participants. A mentor is assigned to support you in your learning journey. There is a support structure to help the participant whilst they continue studying on their own. At the end of the mentorship phase, there will be a meeting to share experiences.

We are making efforts to include a work experience phase. For selected mentees, there may be future opportunities based on the match to the roles that we have available.

Phase Three – Summit

At the end of the mentoring phase, all mentors and mentees will be asked to report back with their learnings. Participants can present their projects/learnings and stories from the program. This event will give mentees the opportunity to share her experience with her peers and our selected project partners and sponsors.

This sharing of experiences will be in a meetup format. In addition to highlighting stories from the program, we hope to learn and build on the results from the program.

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