We are proud to announce The Code to Change 2018 conference that will take place in Amsterdam. This conference is about teaching and learning new skills that will enable participants to explore careers in the technology sector to ensure diversity and equality in the workplace. This program will bring together the ICT and IT professionals with those who are looking for ways to join the sector and update their digital skills.

We are featuring talks and workshops from seasoned IT professionals who will share their personal career and leadership stories with our participants.We have technical and career development talks and workshops around this theme. The speakers address this by answering one of our main areas:

– How I started my career in IT

Seasoned IT professionals from different fields of IT will speak about topics ranging from digital media to data storage and management to network security. Find out just how many roads can lead to a successful career in ICT!

– How I started coding

Stories of successful women coders who will share their personal learning journeys about coding as well as their struggles, challenges and successes throughout their career.

– Look what I made!

We will highlight some of the cool projects that women in technology are working on. This is a platform for female techies who would like to show their work and expand their professional network and at the same time, inspire other women to take the steps towards becoming makers and builders of apps and software.

– How I got here!

We will also feature lightning talks and keynotes from female industry-leaders who overcame obstacles to have a successful career. We are featuring stories of those who made it to the top despite all odds and are now helping others follow the same path. We will hear about their leadership journeys and their top advice for those who wish to pursue this trajectory in their careers.

– Career Development

On top of that, for our career development track, we have hand-picked empowerment coaches and trainers to give a hands-on workshops on how to tackle issues that are holding professionals back and stops them from embracing leadership roles or bigger challenges in their career.

Detailed program will be released soon.