Watch highlights from the Code To Change conference 2016 here!

We are proud to announce The Code to Change 2016 conference that will take place on November 5th 2016 in Amsterdam. See programme here.

Link to UPDATED programme (updated November 2nd, 2016)

Link to UPDATED programme (updated November 3rd, 2016)

Link to final programme

This conference is about teaching and learning new SKILLS that will enable participants to explore careers in the technology sector. The event will bring together the ICT and IT professionals with those who are looking for ways to join the sector and update their digital skills.

In continuation with our last year’s theme “Where do I start?” this year’s theme is “Where do I start my tech career?” We are featuring talks, interactive sessions and workshops from seasoned professionals. We have technical and career development talks and workshops around this theme.

In the past, we have featured talks on confidence building and leadership, technical talks on topics like big data, network security, introduction to IT, introduction to (a career in) computing, digital marketing, introduction to different programming languages, 3D printing, entrepreneurial thinking among other topics. This year we plan to include many more topics such as introduction to high performance computing, data analysis, developing mobile apps.

– Technical Track

The speakers will introduce you to different fields and career trajectories in the technology sector, the available opportunities and the skills necessary to access those opportunities. You will also listen to their personal career and leadership stories.

– Career Development

We have hand-picked empowerment coaches and trainers to give workshops on how to tackle issues that are holding professionals back and stops them from embracing leadership roles or bigger challenges in their career.

Watch highlights from the Code To Change conference 2016 here!