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About Code to Change

We are committed to achieving gender equality (UN Sustainable Development Goal 5) and economic empowerment of women via digital inclusion. We also aim to minimize the skill-gap that currently exists in technology sector and associated digital gender divide that spreads across the spectrum.

In order to achieve our goals, we have designed and launched a training programme that imparts essential digital skills which are required for pursuing a career in the digital market – The Code to Change programme.

We have developed this programme based on our earlier successful initiative, Work to Equality, which also aimed at improving social, economic participation, empowerment, and emancipation of women. What sets us apart is the fact that we connect our mentees with experienced technology professionals thus providing them with the mentorship and guidance that they need. The Code to Change programme is brought to life by our enthusiastic and vibrant community of digital women professionals and friends at ‘Amsterdam Women in Technology.

Objectives of Code to Change

The Code to Change program aims at bringing together technology professionals with those who are searching for ways to join the sector and update their digital skills. We are dedicated to providing training for new capabilities that will allow our participants to choose from different career tracks in the technology sector, facilitate diversity, and create equality in the workplace.

We take pride in the defining aspects of the program; to establish long-term training and support, to be centered on the individual, and to help them acquire relevant skills for finding a well-paid job in today’s digital age.

Our objectives include:

1. Training of women in the relevant digital skills for jobs via training and mentoring.
2. Introducing the selected participants to real-world opportunities of learning on the job, under the supervision of mentors chosen where applicable.
3. Identifying and improving women leaders in the technology sector that are enthusiastic about teaching other women the necessary digital skills to be successful in the workplace and who wish to act as a catalyst for change.

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